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10/12/2011  Comment:

"Thank you for taking care of my needs."

Garry S. - Glennville, GA

10/10/2011  Comment:

"My phone arrived today! I Love It! Thanks for the fast and friendly service!!!"

Debra M. - Orange, TX

10/6/2011  Comment:

"Great Transaction and shipping time."

Stanley R. - Conroe, TX

10/5/2011  Comment:

"Great! A store with integrity."

Michael M. - Los Angeles, CA

10/4/2011  Comment:

"I am assuming this is in regard to Google order number: 839877153cxxx86 I typcially don't give low rating and have never given one as low as this one. Frankly I am not sure what role, if any, TWAcomm.com played in this. I placed this order and had a problem with credit card approval. I called my CC company and they hadn't received the order. In response to feedback I updated my CC info (I think it was current so not sure why that happened). Somewhere along the line it must have gotten approved as the Android Marker info says it processed. But, I didn't get the application. Also, I didn't want to publish this review because I am not sure which step in the process is to blame. I don't want to make a false accusation. But, I decided I had to because I can find no other reply method. Even the email that prompted this review is "no reply". It would be nice if Google specified how to make contact for these kinds of issues. (It would also be nice if the email requesting this survey specified the order number in order to properly identify it.) Way too many human factors issues in this process. TWACOMM added comments on Oct 27, 2011 This is obviously an issue between the customer and Google, and or his credit card company. TWAcomm.com, Inc. plays no role in credit card approvals and was just assisting the customer with the fact that the approval was not forth coming from its processing center. We are sorry the customer had difficulty, but it was all resolved in the end."

Don G. - Rainelle, WV

9/28/2011  Comment:

"Hi Steve, Thanks for taking care of this on such a tight deadline. Its nice to know that there is a local business I can support first. Looking forward in doing business in the future. If you have any ideas that will help us sell more boxes, please share your experience! -- Best Regards, Chris"

Chris D. - Irvine, CA

9/23/2011  Comment:

"Fine Order Processing. I would suggest a table to adjust sizes in the software. Note: Customer purchased a TeleTool 2000 recording device."

Uriel M. - Houston, TX

9/20/2011  Comment:

"Good morning Steve, I thank you for the prompt response. Please proceed with the order and please inform me via email once the order has shipped. I thank you again for your assistance in our mission to support our troops and their families. Have a great day!"

Terrance R. - MCB Camp S.D. Butler

9/16/2011  Comment:

"I had to write to tell you how impressed I was with your customer service. I placed the order online and when I put in my credit card info and hit submit somewhow the shipping choice was not correct. I placed a call to your office and he very pleasantly corrected this. Much to my surprise as I was printing off a corrected invoice from my email the UPS man showed up with the order. Wonderful work! Mary Beth C."

Mary Beth C. - Erie, PA

9/11/2011  Comment:

"Guys, Great website. Trying to figure out how to put together a phone system to do what I need. Can't figure out the difference between the AT&T Model # SB67138 and the AT&T Model # SB67118. Can you give me a hint? Thanks very much"

Robert R. - MAC

8/23/2011  Comment:

"Dear Ed, Just a "Thank You" from another Vietnam veteran for the fine service provided by your company. I have been working with Steve Stone on a swimming pool phone project here in Houston. He has been a great help. Though I am technically proficient generally, phone technology and equipment have their own unique methods and jargon, and Steve has been a great help getting me through the telephone jungle! Thanks also for your Vietnam service. I understand you were Navy, which can be one of a zillion M.O.S.'s. I was in the Army. We only had half a zillion M.O.S's. I have been back to Vietnam a number of times and we did good. It often infuriates non-veterans when I say this, but I have watched as Vietnam has been making its way back from deep communism to at least a market economy. I wish Vietnam could have sustained a true democracy (perhaps someday it will) but because of your efforts an those we fought with, Vietnam is neither a North Korea nor a Burma. I wish there were a way to communicate this to more veterans. Very best wishes to you and Steve and your gang there. Thanks again. John C."

John C. - Houston, TX

8/22/2011  Comment:

"Steve, thank you for your quick response. I appreciate your effort to find something to fit my needs. Your suggestion of the Cortelco phone is a good one; it has what I want and the price is reasonable. I will be calling the 877 number to purchase one today. Whenever possible I plan to recommend your website - I wish I would have known about it 5 years ago when I was still a Telecommunications Coordinator at a Los Angeles call center! Your follow up is better than some of the people who have sold me million dollar phone systems. Thanks for making me feel like a big fish. Donna M."

Donna M. - Unk

8/22/2011  Comment:

"Thank you for your fast service I work in a Eskimo village in Alaska fastest order I ever received here. Joe C."

Joseph C. - Red Dog Mine, AK

8/16/2011  Comment:

"Cool Site!"

Rob M. - Unk

8/12/2011  Comment:

"I submitted an inquiry via your website and Anthony Reid corresponded with me several times by email helping me to decide which phone to order. I appreciate the personal touch, sometimes you never hear back when you submit an inquiry through someone's website. Thanks!"

Peter R. - Greensboro, NC

8/11/2011  Comment:

"Thank you so very much for providing such a pleasureable transaction. I was delighted to have my order delivered this afternoon. Quick and professional, Steve Stone was most kind and patient while he walked my through my list of questions and requirments for the type of phone required by my employer.. Your company is to be commended for providing a high standard of customer service. Indeed, in this day and age....I thank you."

Sharon S. - Sarasota, FL

8/10/2011  Comment:

""Very good and quick service thank you""

Steve R.

8/6/2011  Comment:

""Purchase went smoothly. Website was easily manueverable and the price was inline with competitors. Overal a very good shopping experience. Thank You!""

Applebees C.

7/28/2011  Comment:

""Very Satisfied - Competetive pricing and fast delivery. Was able to get a product that was not available anywhere else when I actually decided to make the purchase!""

Marketing -238

7/25/2011  Comment:

""This is my first dealing with TWW. So far everything is as advertised. Upon receipt of my purchase I can evaluate TWW completely.""

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544 Items / Page: 4 of 28
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